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The Village thanks its snow response crews and the residents of Cedarhurst.   You made a difference.

There were fewer cars parked on the streets last night and today (thank you residents), and the benefits are clearly visible.  Many streets were plowed curb-to-curb (thank you snow crews) and our crews did a terrific job cleaning up during and after the storm.

The sun melted some of the snow, and sidewalks and driveways are starting to freeze.  They are very slippery – so be careful.

After 24 hours of plowing, we need to give our drivers and mechanics some rest.  Snow plowing and sanding is continuing with a small relief team.  We will be back to full force at 4:00 am.  Please move all parked cars off the streets tonight if you can.  That will help when plowing resumes early tomorrow morning.

 street plowed curb-to-curb


Street with parked cars