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Village Hall will be closed Monday January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Village Justice Court will be closed until further noticed. For court related questions please call (516) 295-5522


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OK, so it wasn’t a blizzard.  Nevertheless, the strong winds and cold weather made the storm feel more severe.  It’s not over yet.

Our crews, with 8 plows, 3 bobcats (small bulldozers) and payloaders did a superb job of plowing, carting away snow and salting the roads.   Our Village was plowed twice last night, before County and Town trucks began plowing Peninsula Boulevard, Rockaway Turnpike and West Broadway.  At this time, every street in the Village has been plowed at least 4 times.

Our crews will continue plowing today and will salt the roads to try to get down to blacktop as soon as possible.  These operations will continue, even though snow is still falling.

You can help us do the best possible job.   Here’s how:

1.Keep all cars in your driveway and off the road.  The plows can then clear your street “curb-to-curb”.

2.If you must park in the street,  park on the same side as all the other cars, so at least one side of the street will remain clear to the curb.  After the clear side has been plowed, move to the other side of the street so that the next time the plow comes through, it can clear the second curb.

3.Pile the snow you shoveled from your driveway to the right (when facing the street from the house) so that you minimize the chance of having it plowed back into the driveway apron.

4.Non-Emergency calls should be directed to the Village 516-295-5770.

5.EMERGENCY CALLS, should be made to 911.  Calling the fourth precinct directly actually slows down the response, because they route your call to 911.

6.Take care shoveling snow.  Because of the cold, you may not notice pains or even frostbite.  Work slowly and rest every few minutes.  It’s not a speed contest and it’s not worth a heart attack.

7.Check in on elderly and handicapped neighbors to make sure that they are safe and warm.