Important Information

Village Hall will be closed Thursday November 26th and Friday November 27th for Thanksgiving. We will reopen on Monday November 30, 2020 at 9:00 am. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Cedarhurst court will be closed until further notice. This includes all present and future court dates. If you have any questions, please call the court at 516-295-5522.

Snow Storm Update

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With the “snowmageddon” behind us we are now left with the large piles of snow and freezing cold temperatures for at least another week.

Our crews, with 7 plows, 4 salters and an assortment of bobcats (small bulldozers), payloaders and snow blowers did a superb job of plowing, clearing snow and salting.  All of our main roads and side streets have been plowed down to blacktop and have been salted.  We are spreading a second round of salt.  You will see our crews doing another pass down all the roads to re-plow any snow that has been shoveled into the streets.  It is imperative that we keep the roads open for emergency vehicles.

Our ability to plow curb-to-curb is hampered by cars parked on the street.  Our narrow side streets become unpassable.  If everyone moves all the cars on their block to one side, or to their driveways, we can re-plow and remove the choke points.

Later today and tomorrow, you will see our crews clearing parking lots and doing spot plowing and salting, as needed, throughout the Village.

Keep all cars in your driveway and off the road.  The plows can then clear your street “curb-to-curb”.

We have received complaints that “the Village plows blocked the driveway that I just paid to have shoveled”.  We are really sorry about that, but it is inevitable.  There is just so much snow on the road that despite the best efforts of our plow operators, snow will be dragged to the driveway apron.  One suggestion is that the snow shoveled from your driveway should be piled to the right (when facing the street from the house) so that you minimize the chance of having it plowed back into the driveway apron.

PLEASE be very careful walking.  The ground is icy and more ice will accumulate tonight.  Pay close attention to where you step.  Black ice is nearly invisible and very dangerous.