Sanitary District No. 1 Reminds Residents to Clear Pathways Leading to Trash/Recycling Receptacles

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Clear the Path So We Can Clear the Trash

Lawrence, N.Y. (January 20, 2016) – During each winter storm resulting in snow accumulation, Sanitary District #1 asks for the help of all homeowners to keep their trash and recycling cans accessible at all times. After each snowfall, every homeowner and business owner is encouraged to maintain a clear path from the street to the location of their trash and recycling receptacles. Keeping a path clear of snow allows District staff to serve residents efficiently and without interruptions to the pick-up schedule.

“Keeping a snow-free path for your sanitation workers is extremely beneficial to collection operations,” stated James Vilardi, Chairman of the Sanitary District #1 Board of Commissioners. “Unclear paths can increase the amount of time and effort required to remove the unwanted waste for your home. It also creates the potential for real safety hazards for those removing it.”

“Our jobs are difficult on any given day, but they become especially tough during the winter months,” added Superintendent George Pappas. “I would like to thank all of our residents who have consistently and willingly helped us maintain clear access to their homes.”