Protect Yourself From Porch Pirates

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Porch Pirates, thieves who steal packages delivered to your front door when you are not home, are becoming increasingly bold.  They operate fearlessly and in broad daylight. Last year, more than 26 million people reported stolen packages, just in the month of December!

Yesterday, news reports flooded the local blogs, papers and even network TV news broadcasts about a Porch Pirate operating in Cedarhurst and Woodmere.  Fortunately, a clear surveillance camera picture of the thief and his car’s license plate, made it possible to arrest him in only one day. A link to the Nassau Herald story is,111900

The Nassau County Police Department has earned our thanks.  Many other police departments downplay the significance of this type of crime, but it can be dangerous if the thief is confronted by the homeowner, and serious injury can result.  Our police department recommends the following: