Important Information

Village Hall will be closed Thursday November 26th and Friday November 27th for Thanksgiving. We will reopen on Monday November 30, 2020 at 9:00 am. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Cedarhurst court will be closed until further notice. This includes all present and future court dates. If you have any questions, please call the court at 516-295-5522.

Crime Alert

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A group of “organized, transient criminals” is burglarizing homes and scamming residents in the area, Nassau County Police said Monday.

According to the Police, “Criminals have been portraying utility workers, surveyors, and contractors and engaging in distraction burglaries around Nassau County.”  While one criminal distracts a homeowner in a conversation, accomplices burglarize the home and leave unnoticed.

Compared with wintertime burglaries, criminals have an easier time of breaking into a home in the warmer months, because homeowners leave windows, doors, and garages wide open in a virtual “invitation to a potential thief.”

Police advise homeowners to take the following simple precautions:

Ask for proper identification of individuals before you open the door or allow them into your home, especially if you are not expecting anyone.  All utility employees will provide you with photo identification.

Call the utility company (the phone number is usually on the ID) to verify the person’s identification.  Make sure you have the person wait outside behind a locked door while you do this.  A legitimate utility company worker won’t mind waiting while you verify their employment information.   The utility company will be able to tell you whether the person is an employee and whether they’ve dispatched a service call to your home.

Most importantly, if you have any concerns, don’t open the door and call 911.  The police will not mind taking a report from you even if it turns out to be unwarranted.