2021 Prepaid Metered Parking Permit Application

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At the request of many merchants, shoppers and residents of the Village, we are offering a  limited number of prepaid meter parking permits.

The Prepaid Metered Parking Permit will allow drivers to park at a parking meter in any of the Village’s Parking Fields without the need to make a payment at the meter.

If you purchase the Permit, you will receive a sticker that must be affixed to the driver’s side rear window of the vehicle.  Then you can park at any short-term or long-term meter in any parking field ONLY without feeding the meter or worrying about a ticket.  The Permit is NOT valid for parking at the meters on any street, or for parking in any un-metered “Permit Only” parking spaces. The Permit can also be used at the blue meters reserved for handicapped parking in the parking fields if you also have a Handicapped Parking Permit.

The cost of this Permit for all of 2021 is $1,300.00 and will not be pro-rated. This Permit is non-transferable and non-refundable.

The Permit does not guarantee a metered spot in any specific parking field.

Applications are available online by clicking here or in Village Hall. For more information call 516-295-5770 or email village@cedarhurst.gov.